The optimum utilization of oxygen from the air is generally beneficial:

  • better oxygen utilization
  • increased energy production (ATP) in the cells
  • reduced lactate production (lactic acid)

  • much faster recovery

  • reduced exposure to free (oxygen) radicals

  • stimulation of self-healing processes
  • improved concentration
  • up to 10 % lower resting pulse rate

not associated with any risks all side-effects – not regarded as doping*

The inherent ability of the body to unities oxygen deteriorates with age, under the effects of stress or sleep disturbances, environmental pollution, many chronic diseases and mood disorders. The metabolism starts to run on “economy”: and this explains why Airnergy can be beneficial for nearly all diseases and for prevention.

Breathing Airnergy helps the body to once again make better use of the potential energy of the inhaled air, not only during the 20 minutes of the treatment.

The essential way in which Airnergy works is to improve oxygen utilization and self-regulation.