Why use Airnergy?

The holistic approach used by AIRNERGY Spirovital therapy.

The unique effect of AIRNERGY technology can simply be explained in terms of the biological significance of the body’s own ability to utilize respiratory air. By breathing with AIRNERGY the body can use the entire energy potential of the respiratory air to the best effect.

Breathing AIRNERGY every day has a positive effect on the whole body:
It increases the body’s ability to regenerate itself, leads to a strengthening of the immune system, optimizes the metabolism and cell communication and thus increases vitality and zest for life.

Human health and performance is directly linked to the body’s own ability to utilize the oxygen in respiratory air, which is the very best source of food and health.

A sliced apple: contact with oxygen colours it brown after just a few minutes, oxidizing it and, in a sense, rusting it. Similarly, in the cells in our body harmful oxidizing effects take place every second of our life as a result of free radicals. Protecting against these is the key form of prevention.
AIRNERGY supports the functioning of the cells in stabilizing the oxidation balance by improving the way in which they utilize oxygen. Unlike the conventional oxygen therapy system, this anti-oxidizing effect primarily protects the genetic substance (DNA) against the influences of free radicals. *

So-called psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological regulation is vitally important in preventing functional disorders and stopping them from becoming chronic. It is this regulation- on that is kept in balance by AIRNERGY Spirovital therapy. (For further information: page 25)

AIRNERGY’s holistic approach.

And this is the key to AIRNERGY’s holistic approach: Its unique action can only be explained by the biological significance of the body’s inherent ability to use oxygen for regeneration in general.
Inhaling AIRNERGY on a regular basis enhances this innate capacity to regenerate, strengthens the immune system, optimizes metabolism and increases vitality and joie- de-vivre.

This technological innovation has a beneficial effect upon the whole organism.