Complete your staple diet

It is incredible how often human beings think about food: what they would like to eat, what they had better not eat, what they will eat again… And how often do they think about their most important form of food?

The food which enables their life to begin and without which no person would survive more than five minutes, namely respiratory air?

Do we take air for granted?

We all know that we need food, water and oxygen to survive

Many of us go to great lengths to consume a proper diet and take supplements, as well as giving great importance to the type of water we drink (water filtration systems).

How about the air we breathe?

Survival time without solid food: 40 days; without liquid: 4 days; without oxygen: 4 minutes
As we can see, oxygen is one of the most essential components our body needs to survive and function optimally.

Our aim is to give you a deeper understanding of its form and effect. We often take the air we breathe in for granted because it is everywhere and free. However, due to age, stress and other factors, our body’s ability to utilize oxygen gets compromised. This can translate into fatigue, exhaustion, disease and degeneration of the body. While consuming good diet is essential, we must not forget one of the most vital components each and every cell needs to function optimally, and that is oxygen.

Airnergy completes the diet that most of us are lacking in.

By breathing Airnergy, it ensures your body gets the oxygen where it is needed the most – in the cells, which allows for optimal functioning of it, and thereby resulting in the revitalizing of different systems in the body.

Generally after just a short time AIRNERGY users subjectively feel the positive effects of treatment. A whole range of study results provide objective evidence of its beneficial effect.

In a study healthy test subjects inhaled respiratory air prepared using AIRNERGY technology for a period of 20 minutes. Researchers established evidence of clear and significant improvements as a result:

These are clear indicators of an improved utilisation of oxygen.