Today many thousands of people around the world, from New York to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Istanbul, from Sydney to Berlin use several million applications each year in total. Often they had experienced long periods of suffering and in some cases had been told there was nothing more that could be done for them before they came across Airnergy. Their quality of life, wellbeing and condition is now closely linked with their use of Airnergy. All these people are our most valuable commodity.

These include the many international celebrities from the world of sport, politics and entertainment, who could no longer imagine a life without Airnergy. You will see that among them are a number of well-known names from the world of professional and endurance sports.

Madonna- singer and actress
Steven Seagul – Hollywood actor
Rubens Baricchello- F1 driver with most Grand Prix starts.
Jenson Button- pilot Formula 1 World Champion.
Ottmar Hitzfeld-coach of the Swiss national football team.
Dieter Tschollek-physiotherapist soccer club Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
Balbir Singh- physiotherapist Michael Schumacher for 10 years
Franziska van Almsick, Olympic swimmer.
Barcelona football team
Bayern Munich football team
Chelsea football team
German Olympic and Paralympic team
And many more..

Balbir Singh, Formula 1 Physiotherapist to Michael Schumacher for 10 years:

“Airnergy helps the body to extract more energy from respiratory air. The reserves in the air are far greater than we can possibly imagine. Its gentle effect is entirely natural and has everything you expect from a holistic therapy. Every individual cell in the body is supplied with more energy as a result!”

“I was skeptical but then I tried it and thought, oh, that really is something. There are certain things that you have to experience for yourself. And that is why I am convinced that other people should use this technology. It has a fantastic effect and why shouldn’t they make use of it. That is my message and I keep trying to get it across. Furthermore, I have discovered that one gets an extra kick if one also drinks the water.”

Ottmar Hitzfeld, Football trainer: 

“My wife and I would no longer want to do without the Airnergy method because of our many positive experiences: sleep disorders have improved significantly, motivation and concentration have increased. General well-being allows you to relax quicker. Fitness has improved considerably.”

Champion Formula One Racing Driver JENSON BUTTON
“I use the airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. It’s used before all practice sessions, qualifyings and races in order to facilitate my performance. I feel it’s an essential part of my race preparation this year and take it with me all over the world. I also use it following tough training sessions to aid recovery and aid my next day performance.”