Enhance your metabolism

Increase in oxidative stress equates to an increased production of free radicals, especially intracellularly, which can lead to DNA** damage.

For example, sliced apple when in contact with oxygen turns it brown after just a few minutes, oxidizing it and, in a sense, rusting it. Similarly, in the cells in our body harmful oxidizing effects take place every second of our life as a result of free radicals. Protecting against these is the key form of prevention.

AIRNERGY supports the functioning of the cells in stabilizing the oxidation balance by improving the way in which they utilize oxygen. Unlike the conventional oxygen therapy system, this anti-oxidizing effect primarily protects the genetic substance (DNA) against the influences of free radicals. *

So-called psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological regulation is vitally important in preventing functional disorders and stopping them from becoming chronic. It is this regulation- on that is kept in balance by AIRNERGY Spirovital therapy.

Regenerating and being healthy

The health and functional capacity of human beings is directly related to their body’s own ability to utilize the oxygen in the air they breathe – the most important nutrient and medicine.