How can Airnergy therapy help you?

Benefits of using Airnergy
One can benefit in 3 ways from the Somatovital therapeutic products from Airnergy

Somatovital therapy represents a so-called background therapy on basic regulation processes. It unfolds its effects both in the cells as well as in the extracellular tissue, and can operate through networking in many parts of the human body; primarily in highly oxygen-dependent, metabolically active organs and structures, and secondly in those areas particularly subjected to radical attacks.

The Somatovital therapeutic concept by Airnergy consists of three therapies: Spirovital therapy (SVT) as an inhalation application, Gastrovital therapy (GVT) as a drinking application, and Dermovital therapy (DVT) for application to the skin

What happens during the Airnergy energizing?

Just like in the sunlight, in the presence of specific sensitizers (similar to chlorophyll) atmospheric oxygen is briefly activated. Upon the relapse into the ground state energy photons are emitted. The application of Airnergy devices facilitates the absorption of those photons via the lungs (SVT), the stomach (GVT) or the skin (DVT), where they have an immediate effect on the cells both locally as well as transcellular. At the same time, the photons propagate through hydrogen bonds via the vascular system ubiquitously throughout the body and so engage in multiple micro-reactions of the body.

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