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    Sparkling element incl. tubes and adapter
    • Sparkling element incl. tubes and adapter

    Sparkling element incl. tubes and adapter


    Sparkling element incl. tubes and adapter

    Product Description

    AccessoriesWarrantyService & Maintenance

    We recommend to use genuine AIRNERGY accessories only. AIRNERGY accessories meet high quality standards developed within the last 10 years as market leader. Original AIRNERGY accessories are made of high-quality material and are subject to strict quality control.

    High quality and product reliability are the characteristics of all AIRNERGY+ products. A two-year warranty which is extended by an extra year if device is registered within four weeks after date of purchase. Only customers from EU member countries can extend the warranty to 3 years.

    The reason for a malfunction does not necessarily have to be a serious defect of the device. Please contact customer service first. Most of the time the reason is just a minor problem which can be solved fast and effectively on the telephone.
    Contact us for a consultation.


    The Service2000 is due when the word “Service” is shown on the display of the device (after 2,000hrs of operation). In addition to the normal maintenance all activation units (catalysts) will be taken apart and rebuild and will be checked in a long-term test. Every work will be done according to state-of-the-art technology. Standard material which has to be changed within the Service2000 check up is included in service price.

    If any defects are discovered in the context of the Service2000 which need to be repaired, the customer is given a cost estimate which has to be accepted before any additional service is done.

    Price depending on amount of work and material used.
    Airnergy devices are easy to handle and practically do not require any maintenance. Therefore usage is very safe and easy. A detailed user manual is delivered with each device.

    Additional service for heavy use

    For optimum performance, Airnergy device can also be checked once a year. The device will be opened and cleaned and all tubes within the device will be changed. The activating unit will be checked on density when undergoing a 30-minutes functional test. All small parts which need to be changed during maintenance are included in the price.