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Frequently Asked Questions
I. Scope and areas of application 
II. How it works 
III. Effects 
IV. Operation 
V. Purchasing
 VI. Questions relating to medical science

I. Scope and areas of application

What is AIRNERGY and what is it used for?

For whom is AIRNERGY suitable?

How is Airnergy used?

Why are there different AIRNERGY devices?

When is it recommended to use a device with two or four catalysts?

Does a 2-catalyst device have the same effect as the 4-catalyst device if it is used for twice as long?

Why isn't there a device with 5 or more catalysts?

II. How it works

How does the process work?

Is AIRNERY an oxygen concentrator?

How is it different from other oxygen therapies?

What does water activation mean?

III. Effects

How quickly does AIRNERGY work?

What are the potential sideeffects?

Can AIRNERGY be used during pregnancy?

Dosing/overdosing: How often can AIRNERGY be used?

Is there such a thing as habituation?

IV. Operation

Can several people use AIRNERGY at the same time?

What kind of water is suitable for use in the bottle?

How often should the air filter be changed?

How long can the nasal cannula be used for?

How do you clean the glass bottle?

How do you remove limescale from the sparkling element and the glass bottle?

What do you need to look out for when the device hasn’t been used for a while?

How often should the device be serviced?

Why are the intensity stages adjustable?

V. Purchasing

Who manufactures AIRNERGY?
Are there any other suppliers?
Where can you try out Airnergy?

Can you get a device via your health insurance company?
What are the costs of consumables/ongoing costs?

VI. Questions relating to medical science

Are there any scientific studies relating to AIRNERGY?

FAQs about Airnergy

These same questions are asked about Airnergy time and time again. Here are the answers.

How is Airnergy used?
What are the risks and side-effects of breathing Airnergy?
Does the Airnergy technology ionize oxygen or produce ozone?

How quickly do you feel the effects?

Can you use Airnergy every day?

Is there such a thing as habituation?

Can Airnergy be combined with other procedures?
What are the operating costs after buying one‘s own Airnergy device?
Does 1 hour of breathing with the Basis Plus de- vice achieve the same as 20 mins with the Professional Plus?