Service and Maintenance

Regular Care of Devices

The device is relatively maintenance free as it constantly selfchecks by means of intelligent software.
With regular use, it is recommended that the casing is wiped down with a damp cloth every now and then, the bottle and sparkling element are cleaned regularly and the bacterial filter changed after every 50 hours of operation.


In principle a Service2000 is due after 2000 hours of operation (depending upon the device this corresponds to 3000 – 6000 uses). The message “Service” will then appear on the device’s display. During this service the device is opened and cleaned, all of the activating units are taken apart and reassembled and fatigue tested.

Service & maintenance is done in Germany and the following is done:

• Maintenance Check. 

• All the activation units are demounted and checked. After that they are reconstructed and verified during an extended time test. 

• All the work is done according to the respective state of technology. 

• The price includes all incidentals used on the occasion of the ServiceCheck2000. 

Germany’s charges range from EUR 280,00 to EUR 390,00

Continuative ServiceCheck2000

This option is carried out when having found defects during the ServiceCheck2000 which make a replacement necessary.
• The estimated costs will be calculated first. The customer gets a quotation for the repair price. 

• Subject to customer agreement the device will be repaired. Customer price: On time and material basis 

Customer price: On time and material basis 

With heavy users like therapists and commercial providers, they can have the option of sending the device back for an annual maintenance check.

Maintenance Check

The Maintenance Check is done once a year to ensure the correct functioning of the device.
• The device is opened and cleaned
• All the tubes inside the device are replaced

• A 30 minute function test is made to verify the leak tightness of the catalysts.
• The price includes all incidentals used on the occasion of the Maintenance Check.

Customer prices:
• Basis Plus/Wellness 

• Professional 

• Professional Plus/Medical Plus/
ProfiWell Plus/ProfiSun Plus/ProfiSports Plus 

• Avant Garde 

**Note : Contact your distributor for more information on the procedure.