Reference: Allergies

In September my doctor told me I had COPD having had a constant cough and bad chest infections for 3 or 4 months previous. My peak flow was down to 250 and I was getting out of breath just walking across a room. To find out more about my condition I checked the internet and found an advertisement containing a video with Dr C. Steel talking about Airnergy machines. I thought this sounds too good to be true – I must find out for myself. I bought an Airnergy+ Professional Plus and I put it on 100% for 45 minutes. After a few days I noticed a huge difference, I could walk further without getting out of breath and my peak flow was now 350 thanks to Airnergy. I could only do 1 minute on my exercised bike, now I can do at least 10 mins. One month after buying my Airnergy machine I went into hospital for a full knee replacement – my surgeon could not believe I had COPD he said my oxygen level was 98%. I can only say this is down to Airnergy. Airnergy is not a cure for COPD but it has certainly made a difference to me. I don’t cough as much and my chest infections are far less. Also my partner has sinusitis and allergies and has improved using Airnergy. Thank you Airnergy for improving our lives.

S. Balmfoth