Reference: Asthma

Following our conversation this afternoon I am writing to say how much the Airnergy has improved my health. I have suffered from Asthma since early childhood and in the past have been in hospital many times and have often needed to take steroid medication. My asthma felt under control until the end of last year, when my peak flow was becoming quite low .After a visit to my GP I was offered yet more steroids and decided at that point that there must be another way. After quite a bit of research and reading the reviews on Airnergy, I decided to make the investment and purchased the Professional, and have not looked back!! My peak flow improved in the first week of use and is now the best it has been for a long time. I am sleeping better and have also noticed that I have not suffered with hayfever yet this year and can also tolerate my son’s cat which was unthinkable before!
All in all, I would not want to be without my Airnergy now ~ what price do you put on your health and wellbeing?!?!

Mrs A. Cundrick