Reference: Burnout/Depression

My name is Luca and I am 48 years old. I was born in Italy where I perfected my skills as a violinist before starting a life of travelling and performing around the world. My artistic career path has brought me next to some of the greatest artists that have helped me to refine my art: great conductors, great soloists, warm audiences, wonderful concert halls and endless memories have filled my life. Yet, the most daunting tasks I have had to perform during those years, have had nothing to do with the violin, music or performance but rather with the short walk, those few interminable seconds, that all performers take from the backstage to the center of stage before starting to play: interminable moments when our heart beats faster and another “summit” stands in front of us waiting to be conquered. When the audience applause ceases the frightening silence seems to question us: our all being is tested to the limit. All professional performers know how intense those few moments are and how paramount it is to be in perfect physical and mental condition. Demanding concert schedules, audience expectations, constant travelling, different countries and cultures, severe jet-lag are all factors that can become debilitating if our body is not strong enough: a titanic challenge indeed.
Many artists throughout history, despite their enormous talent and skills as performers, have had to give up their career due to their unbalanced physical and mental conditions. My colleagues and I have dreamed many times, during our career, to have a sort of “magic remedy” that would allow us to walk on stage in perfectly relaxed conditions enjoying the performance without any stress or concerns. Who hasn`t dreamt at least once of such a magic remedy?
Then, two months ago something happened, something that would revolutionize my whole life as a performer. I was in Tokyo, the city where I now spend the majority of my time, where I was introduced to Dr Ishikawa, a true genius: author of a number of books, PhD Doctor, entrepreneur, researcher and philanthropist. She introduced me to a revolutionary new therapy: Airnergy Oxygen Therapy: a German made technology that was taking the world by storm. This oxygen therapy, Dr. Ishikawa explained to me, seemed particularly effective in many areas: prevention, anti-aging, health, well-being, detoxification, concentration, energy, depression, sleeping disorders etc. After explaining my story to her including my latent depression and melancholy, she passionately insisted that I should try it for a few weeks as she was confident it would produce dramatic results, in terms of relaxation and concentration for an artist like me. I decided to give it a try and I was instructed to use it twice a day for 20 minutes. I did, and used it especially before my concerts: the results were astonishing. After over 30 years of performing as a violinist around the world, for the very first time I was able to feel relaxed and fully concentrated before a performance. I immediately ordered the best model: The AvantGarde. Airnergy is now, for me the most faithful and precious companion and I could not imagine my life without it. I use it twice a day and my whole body feels wonderfully balanced.
Before concerts in particular, I use it for 20 minutes and I feel regenerated, able to perform perfectly well artistically and at the same time able to communicate to the audience my art, free of any obstacles created by nervousness, tense muscles or other negative thoughts that our mind constructs as a natural protective/reactive answer to highly stressful conditions. Jet-lag and fatigue symptoms related to my demanding travelling schedule were also eliminated by Airnergy Therapy. The great healing power of this new and revolutionary therapy have also had a profound effect on other aspects of my mind as I have mentioned in another of my Airnergy testimonials titled: “The Sun Shines Again”.
I am now devoted to Airnergy as much as I am devoted to music and I could never imagine my life without it. Through Airnergy I have discovered a new and powerful way to be a musician, a musician to whom Airnergy offered the absolute privilege to perform with the most relaxed but reactive state of mind. I have recently heard
that a new model called “Travel Plus” has been produced by Airnergy in Germany. This seems especially ideal for artists and performers as it can be transported and easily stored in a suitcase: this will be my next purchase. Having witnessed within my own body the extraordinary properties of Airnergy Therapy, I strongly recommend all performing musicians around the world to buy one and feel how wonderful it is to be able to perform in a fully relaxed state of mind. The “Travel Plus” model is the “must have” for each one of us. Thanks Airnergy for changing my life, I now feel a complete violinist.

L. Ciuffoletti: Italian Violinist, Age 48 – Nerves, stress, fatigue, depression