Reference: Cardiovascular

I am writing this letter to share my parent’s experiences to use your product. About two months ago, I bought an Airnergy Professional Plus System for my parents. I’m very worry about their health situations because my father is almost 90 years old and Mom is over 80 years old. They have number of health issues because their age. I’m very surprised when they told me their experiences just after few weeks of usage. The biggest benefits for my Mom is her overnight sleeping. She rarely had good night sleeping for the past year. The treatment not just let her to have better overnight sleeping she also feels more energy. For my Dad, the treatment helps to regulate his heart beat problem. He occasionally has premature atrial beats. They like to device more and more and they keep to do the treatment twice a day. I was very skeptical about the device when I bought it. But now I’m relieved that I made the right decision to choose the right device that help to improve their health condition. Thank you for making such products. I’m sure that I’ll hear more positive feedback from them. Hope I can share more their experiences with you again soon. Sincerely.

90, Yang

I have used my Airnergy Machine since last September (now late May) I am extremely impressed. It has helped me to revolutionise my life.
I had a heart attack three years ago, following some years of overwork and stress. I am left with atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. I found that I was beset with a low resistance to virus infections which affected my weakened lungs. I had no conception of how difficult it is to recover from a heart attack, I do now; and I can categorically state that use of my Airnergy machine has had a major part to play in my new found health. I sleep better, my appetite has improved and what’s more I have lost weight! I also have more energy to walk and exercise. I have found that regular use really pays. When I’m away from home; I notice the difference and once I’m back, using my machine again, I return to full strength.
I cannot praise Airnergy enough; I love my machine, thank you!

L. Kellond: Heart attack, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure age 56