Reference: COPD

I have suffered with sinus problems for virtually all my adult life. Then I was also diagnosed with COPD and struggling to walk a few yards and get upstairs without becoming breathless and distressed. I was put on to inhalers, which did help, but still did not prevent acute flare ups, which required me to have several courses of steroids. The flare ups were starting to occur much more frequently, which is when I decided to invest in an Activated Air Machine.
I have now been using the machine for 20 minutes, twice per day for the past 6 months and the difference is remarkable. I can now get upstairs without getting distressed and feel much better. I go for regular check-ups with a chest specialist to have my lung function tested. Before using the machine my lung function was 56% against the predicted expectancy for my age and height etc, putting my COPD in the moderate to severe category. At my last check up, my lung function has increased to 76% against prediction and well into the mild category. I am convinced this is as a result of using Activated Air therapy, as there are no other factors which could account for this improvement.
I take peak flow count readings daily and the average has increased from 200 to 250 or 260, but more importantly, and not wishing to tempt fate, but in the 6 months since first starting to use the machine I have not had any exacerbations.
Being a pensioner this was a fairly substantial investment, with no guarantee of success and I did dally for quite a while before deciding to take the risk and purchase a machine, being cynical of the many miracle claims that are attached to product advertising these days. My only regret is that I did not buy the machine much earlier, as it has made an incredible difference to the quality of my life and management of my COPD.
Based on my own experience I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone whose quality of life is being affected by breathing or chest problems invest in one of these machines and I am very grateful to you for making this product available.

Goodwin 81

I was first diagnosed that I had COPD in 1993. I was prescribed with several inhalers, two powders which I take twice every day, also Salbutamol when necessary. A few years later I purchased a nebulizer after several hospital stays, five times in all, for chest problems. In August I was taken very ill which left me feeling very weak. My daughter and son-in-law looked on the internet and found Airnergy. A few days later we had all the info and testimonials regarding the machines and the importance of oxygen in the blood stream. I have now been using Airnergy eight months. The investment was a bit daunting and I was a bit skeptical, but now I do feel as though it was a very good investment. Yesterday I had a peak flow test – the reading was 250 -this time last year, it was 121. Also blood oxygen levels were good, the reading was 90. I have to say I feel much more alert, I feel Airnergy for two twenty minute sessions daily has greatly improved my daily life and I could not be without Airnergy now.

D. McSweeney

I have had my Airnergy nine weeks now and what a miracle it has turned out to be. My husband wasn’t very happy about buying it, being pensioners we have to be careful how we spend our money. I have wasted so much cash on treatments that didn’t work that he thought I was throwing “good money after bad”. Well now we know different!
Within one week of using it, full power 20 minutes twice a day I went to see my daughter. She was so surprised. My grey hair was shining and my skin, face, arms, hands etc were a healthy pink. Before that my skin was grey. I have an exercise bike which I had been unable to use for 2 years because of my illness. Now I switch on the machine, get on the bike which is next to the machine and off we go. Nine kilometers twice a day! My legs are getting stronger and yesterday I walked with only one stick instead of two. I can do my housework better than I could for a long time, believe me life is so much better. I saw a woman the other day who couldn’t believe her eyes. After I told her about my machine her words to me were “I saw you last year and thought to myself – she is not long for this world”. They were her very words to me. How about that then!
One last thing before I go. In July I had to see my doctor hoping he could help me. I was using steroid inhalers which you can use only twice a day. Also a powder inhaler when I first get up in the morning. There was nothing more he could give me. He just advised me to use my inhalers “if and when”. In other words, as often as I wanted to. Now I only need the powder inhaler when I get out of bed. Only very rarely do I need any more medication during the day or night thanks to my Airnergy miracle. I’ve had C.O.P.D, emphysema since I was 40 years old, I am now 77. Thank you so much.

Q. Mitchell: C.O.P.D., Emphysema, age 77