Reference: Diabetes

For the first time in many years my cholesterol levels are in the normal range and my triglyceride levels have decreased dramatically … The best news is that glucose values have stabilized.”

Karl H. Enderes patient with Diabetes, Germany.

Although it has only been just short of three months since I received my Airnergy machine, it has made such a remarkable difference both to my life and my husband’s, I had to put pen to paper to tell you.
I was diagnosed with COPD about two years ago. COPD meant waking up twice in the night “coughing for England”, not to mention in the morning when I woke up, nor trying to get to sleep whilst hearing myself wheezing! I should add here that I am in my mid sixties and although I have some arthritis, mentally (like most women) I stopped in my mind in my mid-twenties!!! Obviously the COPD was both depressing and debilitating and then I saw this tiny advert for the Airnergy!
I ordered the machine and then broke the cost to my husband! I thought – this is the only time in my life I have invested in my health. To my surprise, my husband was not only in full agreement but he wanted to use it as well! Now, my husband, who is also in his mid sixties, has Type 2 Diabetes and although he takes tablets and avoids all sugar, his readings every morning fluctuated wildly.
Well, since receiving the machine we have been using it (not missing a day so far) every day. Not only have I stopped waking in the night coughing (although I sometimes cough in the morning – early days yet!) but the wheezing has stopped! Also whereas I felt desperately tired in the afternoon (probably a drop in oxygen level), now I don’t! I’m not saying I could climb a mountain or walk across the USA but to feel this much better is nothing short of incredible. I am not saying I am “cured” of COPD – there is no cure – but it has stopped it getting worse and made my life a whole lot better.
The biggest surprise of all, though, was whereas my husband’s sugar readings were anything between 16-21, despite eating carefully what he ate and taking his tablets, his readings have stabilized to 8-9! I would add here that we spend quite a bit of time abroad (Greece) and the heat there didn’t help with his high readings but now it makes no difference – they are consistently low!
Anyway, I will stop raving about this little miracle machine but I did want you and anyone reading this to know; this machine does work and can help in many ways for many problems. Thank you for all your help Chris and for answering all the questions we have asked you.

Mr & Mrs Chambers: COPD, Diabetes, mid 60’s.