Reference: Fibromyalgia/Muscle Tenseness

I’ve been using the Airnergy Professional Plus for just over a year and the results have been superb. Although the effect is quite gradual, often barely perceptible at the time, looking back I would estimate that I’ve improved from around 80% well to 95% in that time. I have had CFS/ME, including fibromyalgia, for about 10 years, and I have been slowly improving for a lot of that time thanks to a range of different treatments. But the step-change I’ve had from using the Airnergy has been unprecedented. It’s had a particularly dramatic impact on my fibromyalgia … in fact most of the year I’ve been able to behave as if I didn’t have fibromyalgia at all. I took on an allotment in May, and have been able to do heavy lifting, strimming and even digging with no ill effects. Last week I joined a gym, and did my first proper gym session for 10 years … albeit a gym session for an unfit person, but still an unfit well-person!
My stamina and resilience have very clearly improved. I’m now working full time for the first time since 1995, and doing freelance web design in my spare time. I still get tired and catch colds etc, but I recover more quickly than I used to. When I changed jobs this autumn it was the first time I have been able to make a career decision based entirely on the job I wanted to do, rather than being limited by the dictates and worries of my health.
The best thing about the Airnergy has been the lack of side effects. Apart from very early on (when I increased my time on the machine faster than recommended, and had a brief worsening of symptoms) I have had no negative side-effects at all that I’m aware of – a big contrast with some of the treatments I have relied on in the past. It’s also no bother to use the machine despite being very busy – I have it beside my armchair so I can use it while I read, work or watch TV (sometimes even when I’m on the phone), and I use it for 40-60 mins 2-3 times a week.
I don’t know whether I would experience a worsening of symptoms if I stopped using the Airnergy. But to be honest I don’t intend to find out!

A. Grafton: CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia