Reference: Immune System

Let me tell you my story.

In the past I’ve had health problems associated with allergies and a weakened immune system. For these reasons I stayed sick quite often. It culminated in the summer of 2010 when my immunity was already in such a disastrous state that I was sick almost every other month.

I visited many doctors that made various investigations and along the way. I felt like a guinea pig, where I was tested every time with some new “guaranteed” antibiotic. Towards the end my medical practitioner, referred me directly to an immunologist.

Finally, it ended up that I had to take medication to support immunity and allergy practically continuously. However, neither medication helped me solve my health problems completely. I was really desperate, I felt tired, no energy, but most of all physically and mentally exhausted.

Because I was not willing to put up with this condition, I was still looking for some alternative. Sometime in August of 2010, I came across the internet information about the Airnergy principle of which interested me. The more information I got about it, the more I wanted to test this technology.

At that time there was no opportunity to test the unit, I contacted the manufacturer directly in Germany. In September 2010, I finally managed to rent an Airnergy device and test its effects directly.

The device I used for about a month and the result was truly amazing!

Since then i have not fallen ill, I decided in January 2011 to purchase the device. Today I can responsibly say that it was the best investment in my health and the health of my family ever!

Today, it’s been about 22 months since the time when I first tried this technology, and I’m not only free of illness, but also do not take any medication, whether to support my immunity or for allergies. I feel great, I have much more energy and time to devote to my family and work. It has improved my physical condition and overall health.

Patrik Drahoš