Reference: Various Health Problems

My wife and I both had health problems and various virus infections had laid us low during the year, and I had been battling with high levels of mercury in my body for many years. I was looking on the Internet thinking that there must be something that we could do to improve our health when I came upon the Airnergy machines. They looked impressive but would they work for us especially as they were expensive? I phoned Chris at Biolife Solutions and told him I was skeptical about the claims and that I would like to speak to somebody local to us in Norfolk who had a machine. Chris phoned me back inside half an hour telling me that they had a Mr Johnson who had a machine just over the border in Suffolk and that we could go and try his machine. So we arranged to go the following afternoon. Mr & Mrs Johnson were very friendly and allowed me to use their machine and after 20 minutes use I felt energized. So we phoned Chris and ordered one over the phone. When it arrived the following day we tried it immediately and have used it every day since – it even goes on holiday with us. We just feel so much more alive; not everything improved immediately but steadily over the months. We would hate to be without it. Our Daughter and Son in Law both come and use it after virus infections. It does seem to clear them up quicker, so it helps the whole family.

W. Horwood