AIRNERGY for Corporate Wellness

Take a deep breath healthy – company prevention
A chronic fatigue results in decreased productivity and creativity. This is where the Spirovital therapy of Airnergy takes effect. Based on years of observation the first effect is a significantly improved regeneration in sleep sets in most people. This was clearly demonstrated by a study of the Haranni Clinic in Herne (Germany) and this not only at motivation-related fatigue but even with patients who got health sleeping disorders. More than 80% of these patients experienced a significant improvement of overall condition.
But how does this Spirovital therapy work? Actually, quite simply, the breathing air of the environment will be prepared by means of activation units and without any addition of oxygen, drugs, chemicals or any additives so that the body cells can utilize the oxygen better which is contained in the air we breathe. More oxygen utilization means more energy, so the body gets more power and ability to regenerate and can recover better. Even renowned doctors have been working with the ‘breathing supplement’; for themselves and for the patients’ need.. An employee with the ambition to recreational athlete or to board-level and management posts; everyone can benefit from the performance-enhancing effect on a purely natural basis. Airnergy promotes an improved utilization, so a much better oxygen exploitation for each individual in a company. Calculations even quote a daily use of this therapy in a company is more cost-effective for all than giving an apple every day to all employees.
What can be more profitable for a company than dedicated and efficient employees!