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Therapeutic observation

The quality of life can be improved significantly in most patients and the response of the patients has been found to be highly satisfactory, the symptoms are also very often significantly alleviated.

Exemplary statements of therapists

“This new basic therapy is gaining increasing recognition – even in conventional medical circles as a supplementary treatment, for pre-and post-treatment, to offset adverse side-effects of interventions and above all to support conventional methods.”
Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Jung, Doctor of Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine Naturopathy, Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach

“My experiences with this therapy have all been positive. Again and again patients report that they feel better and stronger after a course of Airnergy treatments. I have many patients who have been having regular treatments once or twice a week for up to 20 treatments for many years now and who swear by the therapy.”
Dr. med. Roger Eisen, Specialist in Internal Medicine, General Medicine,
Naturopathy, Sports Medicine, Bad Griesbach

AIRNERGY in Breathing Lounges

Respiratory air studios.

In order to make AIRNERGY accessible to a wide audience, AIRNERGY partners in almost all major cities are providing energy applications which can be used to regularly breathe AIRNERGY. A franchise concept for respiratory air stations is to be gradually rolled out.

Health Practitioners_Airnergy in breathing lounges

AIRNERGY with Health Practitioners

i) International Prevention Organization

Airnergy is a member of the greatest independent and common network for health communication in Europe. IPO, the registered international society for prevention, aims at the health care sector becoming a transparent health economy.

Health Practioners ipo

ii) BDI

BDI stands for the Federal association of German internists, a registered association. The professional institution of German internists is the greatest German association of medical specialists.

Health Practitioners BDI

iii) Mediplus travel

Since 2001 MediPlus combines health and travelling and offers vacations for most versatile requirements. MediPlus is the first host of medical travelling that has included Airnergy into their program.

Health Practitioners mediplus