Airnergy is designed for people who want to take responsibility for their own health, in order to support the body’s own energy balance in everyday life. This should primarily help to increase your daily energy and promote your body’s regenerative ability overnight. It also leads to greater wellbeing, more stamina and improved powers of concentration. Our users regularly report back to us on their positive experiences.

Your own Airnergy device?

That might seem like an unaccustomed idea – a large sum of money – even if you consider how much costs will continue to increase in the health service and that you can lease the device. At the same time, though, it is not “solely” for one person. It can also be used for your partner’s general well-being, for your son’s burnout or for your grandchild‘s allergies.
It is therefore a facility for your immediate circle with low running costs (electricity and water).

Users and therapists report success notably in the following areas:

Organic diseases:
cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders lung diseases such as COPD and emphysema chronic and degenerative diseases
metabolic diseases and immune system nervous system and autoimmune diseases pre- and postoperative symptoms
Functional disturbances of:
physical performance and recovery
sleep disorders and fatigue, lack of concentration lack of motivation, depression and burnout impairment of sensory functions
Aging processes

Exemplary testimonials of individual users:

“…I am still amazed at how quickly I felt unexpected results …”;
“… it was a blessing. My husband was bestowed precious months without pain and improved quality of life …”.