AIRNERGY in Sports

To increase performance: Energy from inside.

Sport is more or less a metaphor for our universally performance-driven society. Competitive sportsmen and women are faced with an additional problem:

Oxygen is required for energy production in more than 60 billion cells in the body at every moment of our life. Athletes in particular have found that after intensive training they go into a phase of overtraining (oxidative stress) and can easily pick up infections.

The reason: Competitive sport weakens the immune system leading to increased susceptibility to infections. The emotional stress experienced by sportsmen and women, for example before a competition, also affects the immune system.

The optimum utilization of the oxygen in the air is therefore of prime importance for maintaining health and increasing performance in all sporting activities, whether these be competitive or recreational.

In competitive sport the Airnergy Spirovital method has a particularly beneficial effect upon the ability to concentrate. This is especially true in motor sport. And in endurance sports such as marathon running and triathlons Airnergy can help to increase endurance and enhance and accelerate recovery.

Olympics/Paralympics Games
Together with the well-known sports clothing company ASICS, AIRNERGY had a presence at both the Olympic Games in Athens and the Paralympics.

Sports_Olympic Lounge


College of Physical Education

Throughout Europe, the College for Physical Education in Hennef is one of the leading colleges for sports, especially for soccer. In addition, it houses the national performance center for boxing and wrestling.

Sports_college for physical education

AMG Mercedes Team

For more than 20 years, the Austrian, Toni Mathis, has been the physiotherapist the AMG Mercedes DTM team relies on. It is since 2012 that the 8 AMG Mercedes drivers and team members use Airnergy. The fight for milliseconds requires optimal energy resources and its proper utilization to be able to react, to respond extremely fast.

Sports_AMG Mercedes Team

Team Vorarlberg

Since 2012 the most successful professional cyclists team – Team Vorarlberg relies on the energy by Airnergy. From February to October the athletes take part in 120 races worldwide. An optimal regeneration plays a very important role!

Sports_ Team Vorarlberg

Professional Motor Sports

Besides state-of-the-art technology and a perfect setup it is the driver himself who is the most decisive control center in the fight for victory or defeat. A contest that requires maximum performance from the body – Airnergy is able to strengthen the body. The respiratory technology assists the sportsmen to gain more energy from respiratory air and thus to increase their level of performance.

Sports_ Professional motor sport

VDF e.v

Stands for the Registered Society of German Companies engaged in Fitness and Health. An independent authority that preserves the national interests of fitness and health care institutions owners, their suppliers and coaches with regard to politics and public.


Power Plate
A real revolution in the field of physical training. Low joint impact and requiring little time.